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  • •seek and you shall find•
    I am beggedSurely by no uncertain stroke of fateTo be hereSoaking in the timeAnd the creatures of the universeThe language of the EarthHas manifested itselfEdging nearerOr maybe my eyes have grown clearAttune to her beckoningShe weaves her vinesInto the forefront of my mindSprinkling lifeAs if magic dustBefore my eyes Butterflies twirlIlluminated by the sunColouring my dreamsThey land in my palmAnd paralyze meDemanding my attentionChange is in my handsA beacon of transformationTheir wings sweep past my earsAs if the universe itself is tapping me on the shoulderAnd whispering; Forget not the awe in your heartThe passion in your veinsFor to forgetIs … Continue reading •seek and you shall find•

I have a thirsty soul
Quenched by the colours of the world
(Satiated by love)

In its many faces
Eyes speaking stories of universal human experience
Those you
And I
Know well

Relative are our experiences
But no less valid
Suffering and happiness
Yin and yang
Chaos and order

On this plane we meet
Where souls recognize one another
Themselves reflected
An unavoidable dichotomy
The ebb and flow of our existence

My soul yearns - 
For the gradual awakening of a deep night sky
A slow dialled gradient
Where first light glints
Over oceans
Or beams over mountain tops

I have a thirsty soul!
A heart that dreams 
Of snow dusted mountains
Mottled stone walls
Staggered and sheer
Protruding from their icy encasement

Pine trees perched on pinnacles
Exposed cliff edges
Rivers that churn and rage
Creeks that trickle
Water as the lifeblood of seed
Seed to flower
Flower to fruit


Mother Earths sheer totality
Air fire earth and water
Together they mould
And balance our everchanging Earth

I dream of underwater worlds
Life aplenty
Myriads of coral cities
And creatures of the deep
Of desert landscapes
Harsh and arid
Where nature is most cruel and unforgiving

My soul pleads for diversity
For every creature to flourish
For coexistence with the natural world
For harmony

A soul that yearns and a heart that dreams
But in nature
Mind body and soul

Under a labrynthine lush canopy
Where light filters in between carefully crafted leaves
Where soft wind whispers through trees
Fingers of the universe sounding carefully selected piano notes of natural wonder
Warm light endows each leaf
Exhibiting each fragile vein in their perfect creation

Here you behold life

Yet simple
In all its glory. 

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