In nakedness 
I gleam
A steaming hot glass
Pulled from scolding water
Suds glimmer
Sunshines kiss
Her firey rays
Ignite me
Bubbles for eyes
Glimpsing the blip
Of my brief time
And their reflection
Tells of our orb in the sky 
A transient womb
Our colourful ball sustains us
To above
The air sweet 
With our deepest affinity
Our most magnificent dreams 

4 thoughts on “bubbles

  1. Hey Elle, powerful words with great imagery of our inner reality through the prism of our most natural and real self. Love the beautiful, natural pic – you look so happy and at one with nature. Nakedness is so liberating, earthy, and real. Keep writing, Al.


  2. Dearest Elle,
    You manage to put words into the most beautiful art works that people can then visualise for themselves – especially for those people who are unsure how to put emotions into words because they are unable to visualise…… you are a brilliant artist in the written word. Love all you write – Jennie Hall

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