•seek and you shall find•

I am begged
Surely by no uncertain stroke of fate
To be here
Soaking in the time
And the creatures of the universe
The language of the Earth
Has manifested itself
Edging nearer
Or maybe my eyes have grown clear
Attune to her beckoning
She weaves her vines
Into the forefront of my mind
Sprinkling life
As if magic dust
Before my eyes
Butterflies twirl
Illuminated by the sun
Colouring my dreams
They land in my palm
And paralyse me
Demanding my attention
Change is in my hands
A beacon of transformation
Their wings sweep past my ears
As if the universe itself is tapping me on the shoulder
And whispering;
Forget not the awe in your heart
The passion in your veins
For to forget
Is to abandon yourself
Your dreams lead you to this place
And all I am here to do
Is confirm it
Trust in me
Seek my symbols
The precious life that I unveil to you
The black cockatoos that appear
Their calls casting back through time
As if the very breath of humanity
A trove of wisdom
May echo through the ages
It's failed attempts and heartbreaks
It's glorious triumphs and most acclaimed
Deliver their knowledge through you
I dissolve
To enter the ethereal
To see
The light certainly does shine
Often in the periphery
Of this busy life
(A mirage maybe)
It does not command
But will avail itself once sought
Attune yourself
Seek and you shall find