I am becoming 
Never here
Nor there
It feels like something 
But it never arrives 
And truly, 
I never depart 
I just am 

But what?
A surmounting of memories
A magnificent convergence
A kaleidoscopic collision 
The white light 
In an explosion of possibilities
That surmount 
To me
So I appear
My presence so brief
A irrelevant pinprick 
Causal no doubt 
(But causal in that nothing truly surmounts to anything at all) 

I simply function as evidence 
The product of collective histories
I exist in a constant evolution
But ah - 
Words fail me
Their definitions cannot elucidate 
True essence
Only artificial flavours 
The crux remains untapped
An illusory truth
Is there true essence of anything at all?
How do we ever claim to 'know'?
This subjective divide
Cannot be bridged
Be it science or philosophy 
We are warped by sensation
We do not know reality
Nor will we ever

So fluid a concept
This is all 
All nothing but your perception
Merely reflection
Stuffed and crammed into language 
That simply cannot bear the weight
Of this expansive experience 
Of life 

Against my eyes
Every moment laps
Absorbed; in an unavoidable distortion
What truth remains?
I know nothing of the world
Only myself 
But who am I?
But just because I think,
Does that mean that I am? 
That you are?
This could all be a mirage 
No more
If you told me I wasn't;
I'd believe you. 

So sit with me awhile
And see 
I wish you could see what I see 
That I could delve into that mind
Peer out from your eyes 
The view is beautiful, no doubt
Maybe your orange is my blue 
And you see a citrus sky
No matter - 
This life is surely what you make it to be
From here to there
We are all
Forever becoming 

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