POV: knee deep in the shit storm of self-exploration (and why you should pursue it)

It’s not really a shit storm. But there is resistance to be found, that much is true! And some uncomfortable feelings and realizations.

I’m a firm believer that we should lean into our uncomfortabilities, and force ourselves headfirst into our fears. This is where growth takes place. The more we try to divulge our true selves, the further we plunge into the abyss of our seemingly infinite being. So here we are, twirling bodies swimming in an ocean of curiosity. And oh, curiosity is key! Do we accept our beliefs without discernment? Shy away from deeper reflection on our behaviour, and introspection for the human that we hope to become? Sure, we never truly arrive at that person. But is this reason not to begin?

We must feel where hesitation snags our shirt, and listen to it.

How do you begin this journey?

Self-exploration can be done in tiny morsels of time. It could be in the quietness before falling asleep or the lull while waiting in line. Or, it could be in longer swathes of time that you’ve dedicated to the task. Maybe a whole day of meditation or self-care. A month at a retreat, hiking or after a period of grief. Time spent chipping away at your mould over an entire lifetime.

Simply, it is awareness of self.

ALL of these moments matter. All the notes you keep in your phone, the scribbles in a journal or simple recollections of realizations you’ve had in conscious clarity. All the pauses before you react to some external vexation, every recalibration that helps to realign you with the truest, less egocentric version of you. They compound, and over time you will be able to look back and reflect on these moments, how they shaped you and surmounted to where you are now.

But, why?

The white noise of your thoughts begins to dissipate. The more you focus and hone in on where your mind and body are, the less you let the chaos surrounding you penetrate inward. There is chaos within, but also s p a c e, stillness, peace. A new facet of your being laying dormant, discovered only by your willingness. Your connections will reflect your inner state, as no doubt they already do – but soon you’ll become much more discerning. Your boundaries will be clarified again, and again. Your sense of self will crystallize and your ability to withstand the trauma, anger and confusion in others will extend further than you ever thought it could. It’s almost as if you’ve stepped back to allow space between where the world enters your eyes, and you give yourself the time to process and respond to it.

The more we think we know ourselves, really the more we have yet to discover. So tickle, scratch, claw and move earth to get down beneath the surface. There is so much yet to learn, HOW BEAUTIFUL! ✨️

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