life of elouise

  • Effective altruism: Part. 1
    If you don’t know what it is, you should. Essentially, effective altruism is the act of creating the greatest good, for the greatest number of people. We can use research that effectively determines how much it is to save a life, and donate our money accordingly to charities that will save the most amount of people they can with the money they have. How to be an altruist, effectively. It’s a utilitarian viewpoint, one underpinned … Continue reading Effective altruism: Part. 1
  • From isolation, with love
    “All my friends left me when I got sick.” These words have been echoing in my head recently. For privacy purposes, let us call this person T. T was a client who attended a mental health recovery camp where I was doing outdoor education. He is a tall greek guy with kind hazel eyes, a bulbous belly and lots of dark hair all over his body. His toenails were long and he promised me he … Continue reading From isolation, with love
  • Hey interesting person, what interesting thing did you learn today?
    This is what I have set my phone to ask me, every night at 8pm. Realistically, I’ve had a minimum of 12 hours to conjure up an answer to this question. My phone doesn’t care if I answer and obviously neither does anyone else. But I do. It’s a small way that I can keep accountable to myself in a way that is positive and constructive. I suppose now more than usual, this kind of … Continue reading Hey interesting person, what interesting thing did you learn today?
  • the saplings of forgiveness
    I restlessly throw my body around in bed while candles flicker and frogs croak. Camomile and honey trickle down my throat. Lavender floats around me in a cloud. It feels like even the frogs have more conviction than I do. I can barely muster a squeak.  There is an aching in my soul that I’m unsure of how to soothe. A hurt that this time, I do not know how to mend. I’m good at … Continue reading the saplings of forgiveness