I am becoming 
Never here
Nor there
It feels like something 
But it never arrives 
And truly, 
I never depart 
I just am 

But what?
A surmounting of memories
A magnificent convergence
A kaleidoscopic collision 
The white light 
In an explosion of possibilities
That surmount 
To me
So I appear
My presence so brief
A irrelevant pinprick 
Causal no doubt 
(But causal in that nothing truly surmounts to anything at all) 

I simply function as evidence 
The product of collective histories
I exist in a constant evolution
But ah - 
Words fail me
Their definitions cannot elucidate 
True essence
Only artificial flavours 
The crux remains untapped
An illusory truth
Is there true essence of anything at all?
How do we ever claim to 'know'?
This subjective divide
Cannot be bridged
Be it science or philosophy 
We are warped by sensation
We do not know reality
Nor will we ever

So fluid a concept
This is all 
All nothing but your perception
Merely reflection
Stuffed and crammed into language 
That simply cannot bear the weight
Of this expansive experience 
Of life 

Against my eyes
Every moment laps
Absorbed; in an unavoidable distortion
What truth remains?
I know nothing of the world
Only myself 
But who am I?
But just because I think,
Does that mean that I am? 
That you are?
This could all be a mirage 
No more
If you told me I wasn't;
I'd believe you. 

So sit with me awhile
And see 
I wish you could see what I see 
That I could delve into that mind
Peer out from your eyes 
The view is beautiful, no doubt
Maybe your orange is my blue 
And you see a citrus sky
No matter - 
This life is surely what you make it to be
From here to there
We are all
Forever becoming 

Catapult me into the wind

Catapult me into the wind
And let me tumble through life 
With blissful freedom 
To a destination unknown. 
Onwards - 
Delve into the abyss of existence
Its necessary uncomfortability.
I FEEL it.
There is e v e r y t h i n g to be discovered
Soothe my restless soul with experiences
Nourish my wandering heart with kind-eyed strangers
A long haul flight
To anywhere
Let me dive through iridescent tropical waters
Tire my eyes searching for stories in the streets passing by
Speeding taxi rides through bustling Asian streets
Neon lights and smoking woks
Natures revival of moss covered temples
Witnessing the remnants of antiquity
Ancient Greek mosaics in tavernas
Where bubbling clay pots would waft 
Down tight and bustling streets
A seat
Where lovers once met
I linger in their embrace
My heart 
How deeply she aches
But I remain
I feel love everywhere
Let me run my hands 
Across colonnades of architectural prowess
I imagine the sages
Mourn philosophies and conversations lost to time
I am enamoured with humanity
So I go -
I want to climb mountains
Breathe in the air of the Himalayas
Intoxicate myself in newness
Lose myself in a new city
Be whisked in drunken revelry
To places where the lights shine differently
Where my body can move 
My body
A vessel for passion
For love
I vibrate curiosity
I release my inner child
To play
To see
To feel


However you come
Strip yourself bare
Let me see you
No -
Beyond you
That unseen place
It feels just like me
I can't lead you
I'm still trying to make sense of mine
But see here
Space for your chaos
In this darkness I dance
There is no sense to be made
Twisted life
Here I have nothing to hide
No longer do I pry from this cage to be seen
I just AM
Boil my body
And strip the flesh from my bones
I felt this coming
Words I wrote long ago
A familiar feeling
"A slippery slope"
So I release
Call me reckless
But oh you misunderstand me
Who's me?
Turn myself inside out
I make you uncomfortable
I know
Your soul squirms beneath you
It murmurs
But you stifle it
But soon you'll see
See me
I am just

•seek and you shall find•

I am begged
Surely by no uncertain stroke of fate
To be here
Soaking in the time
And the creatures of the universe
The language of the Earth
Has manifested itself
Edging nearer
Or maybe my eyes have grown clear
Attune to her beckoning
She weaves her vines
Into the forefront of my mind
Sprinkling life
As if magic dust
Before my eyes
Butterflies twirl
Illuminated by the sun
Colouring my dreams
They land in my palm
And paralyse me
Demanding my attention
Change is in my hands
A beacon of transformation
Their wings sweep past my ears
As if the universe itself is tapping me on the shoulder
And whispering;
Forget not the awe in your heart
The passion in your veins
For to forget
Is to abandon yourself
Your dreams lead you to this place
And all I am here to do
Is confirm it
Trust in me
Seek my symbols
The precious life that I unveil to you
The black cockatoos that appear
Their calls casting back through time
As if the very breath of humanity
A trove of wisdom
May echo through the ages
It's failed attempts and heartbreaks
It's glorious triumphs and most acclaimed
Deliver their knowledge through you
I dissolve
To enter the ethereal
To see
The light certainly does shine
Often in the periphery
Of this busy life
(A mirage maybe)
It does not command
But will avail itself once sought
Attune yourself
Seek and you shall find


In nakedness 
I gleam
A steaming hot glass
Pulled from scolding water
Suds glimmer
Sunshines kiss
Her firey rays
Ignite me
Bubbles for eyes
Glimpsing the blip
Of my brief time
And their reflection
Tells of our orb in the sky 
A transient womb
Our colourful ball sustains us
To above
The air sweet 
With our deepest affinity
Our most magnificent dreams