Dinner & accommodation in Mallorca for 6 euro

After spending the night curled up in the backseat of the car because it was too dark when I arrived to find somewhere to put up my tent, I woke with the sun and found a tranquil place for a nudie dip. Then I drove to the next town and walked along the coastline to find somewhere to free camp. I ended up here with rock cover from the wind and the most ideal flat sand spot amongst the rocks that fit my tent perfectly. I heard voices and as I climbed down the rocks to go for a swim I met Jane and Steve, a couple in their 60s, who lived in a tent nestled between the rocks. They left their life in England and have been there for 5 years. It’s weird to call them homeless, because to me they seem quite at home – but I guess that’s what they are. They had a 4 man tent with a blow up double bed mattress, a gas cooker, two chairs and an umbrella. While it was not much in our first world sense of the term, it truly was in one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever visited. They had all they need. We chatted, and they offered me one of their mozzie coils for the evening, and told me I could leave my belongings with them in case I went anywhere. It always astounds me how the people with the least offer the most.

The water here clarity is azure crystalline, making for some incredible snorkeling and diving. Sunset hues draped warmly across the mountains in the distance. Hedges of blooming white flowers lined the cliffside, and then I was back on a bike and running track. All it takes is a little bit of curiosity to find these incredible spots that are just out of eyeshot.

I went to the grocery store and bought some yoghurt, berries, guacamole and chips. I sat on the rocks and took this photo. Waterfront dining and accommodation for a steep 6 euro. Dinner is served.

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